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2GIG Edge Kit includes
  • 1 x 2GIG EDGE™ Touchscreen panel with face recognition. – Part no: 2GIG-EDG-NA-AA
  • 3 x 2GIG Thin Encrypted Door/Window Sensors – Part no: DW10E
  • 1 x 2GIG PIR motion sensor – Part no: 2GIG-PIR1-345

Main Features

  • Industry-first face recognition disarms with a fast and powerful processor delivering amazing rich colors on a brighter and larger screen.
  • The sleek, thin design is easy to use with updated and intuitive UI providing one-button access to smart home functions.
  • Superb audio quality with twice the speakers, and double the microphones. Added noise and echo cancellation with two-way communication.
  • Integrated Z-Wave Plus 700 V2 (700 series) with the ability to create and execute scenes and schedules.
  • Alarm.com compatible
  • Pair the 2GIG EDGE with the 2GIG Edge Remote Panel Keypads for additional panels in the home. The 2GIG EDGE Remote Keypad provides many easy-to-use functions with a consistent user interface. And with the onboard camera, it streams to the 2GIG EDGE panel and other 2GIG EDGE Remote Keypads.
  • The Thin Door/Window Contact is designed for use on doors, windows, and other objects that open and close. It communicates with the control panel using the 345 MHz frequency.
  • Dual element sensor with 50′ by 50′ range, 45 lb. pet immune, 90 degree look down, Lithium battery, Transmits 345 MHz, ETL Listed, Code Outputs: Alarm; Alarm Restore; Tamper; Tamper Restore; Supervisory; Low Battery, Transmitter Frequency: 345.000 MHz (crystal controlled), Sensor Type: Quad element, Sensor Range: 30 ft. (9.1 m) x 50 ft. (15.2 m)


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